Tuesday, September 29, 2009

UNIT: Healthy Living

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Students will xamine what contributes to a healthy lifestyle--food pyramid, exercise, stress level and create presentations in Spanish to explain these.

ESSENTIAL QUESTION: How are we alike?

How do we communicate ideas in another language?
How does what we eat influence our health?
What amount of exercise is healthy?
How can exercise and diet affect our stress levels?

What are the current food pyramid guidelines for healthy eating?
What are some specific types of exercise that people can do easily?
How can we evaluate the level of stress in our daily life?


  1. I think that the concept of having students to use healty lifestyles and Spanish together reinforces the need for establishing better habits. When I think of the three healthy lifestyle habits, I think - eat the right foods, get enough exercise and get enough sleep. The stress element is to me result of not following the other three. How do you evaluate the level of stress in our daily life?

  2. I think that these questions are great. The students will really see how they need to live a healthy lifestyle y ellos pueden practicar su espanol. Que bueno!

  3. I think you have a good start to your unit. Your questions seem appropriate. Will this include healthy foods from both American and Spanish cultures?